Ultimate VIP Ceramic Car Detailing Package

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The Ultimate VIP car detail! Our best car detailing package.  This package will have your vehicle looking like new.  Ceramic protection for 12 months+.  Includes the extensive services of the Diamond Plus package, and the following:

  • Interior seats professionally cleaned, conditioned and ceramic protected
  • Internal dash and all plastic/vinyl treated and ceramic protected
  • Internal leather/fabric cleaned and ceramic protected
  • Wheels outer and inside faces cleaned and outer face ceramic protected
  • External paintwork ceramic protected
  • External trims cleaned and ceramic protected
  • Engine bay chemically cleaned
  • Vehicle exterior cleaned and rewaxed after 6 months for a lasting shine


  1. Ceramic coatings guaranteed to last for 12+ months (provided LDPF instructions are followed)
  2. Mechanical buffing (cut) will remove light scratches and imperfections and revive your paintwork.  Will not remove all imperfections but we will certainly do our best.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse to clean your vehicle or to charge extra for excessive, dog hair, dirt and/or grime.