19th March 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is evolving quickly.    It is becoming clear that together we are facing an unprecedented challenge.  Our focus, like yours, will be on keeping our staff, families and loved ones safe and well.  As a community we will get through this.

We are actively monitoring the situation, and responding accordingly.   This includes keeping updated from government and health sources, so that our precautions and preventative measures can keep pace.

First, we remain open

Launceston Drive Park Fly remains open and short of regulatory intervention, will remain open throughout COVID-19.  We are here for you as normal.  We are focused on providing the same professional and friendly service.

We will be open for all departing and arriving flights.  Flight schedules will change in the near future, and hence our opening hours may change including breaks during the day.  We will be open at least 1 hour before all departing flights, and at least 30 minutes after arriving flights.

We will update our Facebook page and website regularly, so if you have not already like our page for updates, check our News section of our website or talk to our staff.

What we are doing at LDPF

Appropriate cleaning and hygiene procedures are priority for everyone onsite. This includes:

  • Shuttle Bus being disinfected routinely.
  • Office/Reception areas such as counter tops and door handles being disinfected routinely.
  • All staff regularly cleaning their hands throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitiser available for staff and customers either in the Office or on the shuttle bus.
  • We will be restricting contact and where reasonable creating space between staff and customers, for everyone’s benefit. We are a personable business used to shaking hands and helping in very close proximity with customers, I’m certain you will understand if we deliver our service with space.
  • LDPF are adhering to appropriate Department of Health information regarding illness, isolation and testing of anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

What you can do at LDPF

Our travelling customers include all age groups, standards of health and returning from many destinations both domestic and international who will come through LDPF to collect their vehicle before beginning mandatory self-isolation.  In all cases, your common courtesy and best hygiene practices will be valuable including:

  • Should you need to cough or sneeze, do so into a tissue or your elbow.
  • Respect the space that people will request.
  • Avoid handshaking and other unnecessary contact with fellow customers and our staff.
  • Use the facilities that we have available for your cleanliness, including sanitiser and our staff toilet.

Together we are embarking on a hopefully relatively short, but unprecedented challenge. Our customers are our heartbeat and your health and safety is our number one concern.   We look forward to looking after you in the near future.   Safe travels and see you soon.